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Pink Living Room

All About sntHOME

sntHOME Interior Design Retail Showroom is a one stop haven for all things soft furnishings design.  When you visit our brick and mortar store you'll be able to touch and feel thousands of beautiful fabrics, trims, wallpapers, rugs, hardware, leather hides, foam, latex, ethnic textiles, rare bed and throw pillow fills and so much more.   Best of all you can have peace of mind knowing that our products are natural, sustainable and many are certified to the highest standards of organic fiber.  In addition, we provide twenty-one services helping you elevate your style and create the space of your dreams.

For all those fabric lovers out there walking into sntHOME's space that's often adorned with the sweet aroma of pure organic essential oils, beautiful sunlight bouncing off the entire glass front and designed with comfortable seating everywhere you turn, it's like stepping into the best candy and cake store ever.  We don't want to scare you but it's not unusual for our clients to get lost for hours, enthralled with the possibilities to create something beautiful.

For us it's all about the raw pure craft of it all, starting with an idea, creating a design, seeing the potential oftentimes when no one else can and making it all with inspiration and physical hands.  Our throw pillows are made by women in our community.  They are young and old, working moms, retired, single, married, grandmas, neighbors, friends and strangers all possessing the common goal of creating beauty for the sheer sake of enjoyment. 

This is why we say, sntHOME is "A Different Kind Of Place." 

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Connecting People to Good Design

Shopping our throw pillows online is like going on a treasure hunt, not knowing what you may find, only that you know it will be exciting, unusual, pretty and interesting.

Oftentimes, you can bet it's one-of-a-kind and/or a two-for-one find meaning the front and back is different allowing you to switch things up just by turning it over!

We made it easy for you to navigate our site as you can sort or filter by several parameters.  

Check back often because new items are being added all the time.  You don't want to miss out on the one!

If all fails, you can shop our fabrics, design and create your own pillows.  How cool is that?


This Is Us

sntHOME is far from your typical interior design retail showroom.  We're a realm where dreams are given life, where the ordinary is elevated to the extraordinary.  "A Different Kind Of Place" isn't just a slogan; it embodies the very essence of our business and explains our core values.

We proudly embrace "Pure Conscious Design," a philosophy grounded in using organic, natural and sustainable fabrics, products and materials.  We have an arsenal of over 218 fabric mills and brands from around the world showcased in our 4,500 square foot space offering an unparalleled array of choices for our discerning customers.

We're not just a showroom displaying a cornucopia of throw pillows and fabrics.  We are your partner helping you imagine, design and craft your ideal living space.  When you step into our space you're entering a realm of endless possibilities.

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