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Terms & Conditions

Customer Care

Customer service is important to us and your business matters.  We are grateful for your patronage.  Anytime you have a question or maybe considering a special request please don't hesitate to call our Showroom at 904-395-1860 or email us at

Give us a day or so and we will get back to you if we're not able to take your call due to us servicing an in-house appointment.

Privacy & Safety

We value your privacy and will never share or sell your data to any third party entity.  We will use your information to keep you updated on new products being added to our site, events and happenings as well as communicate with you in regards to your order or questions you may have.

We use Paypal and Wix as our payment processors to secure your purchases.

Wholesale Inquiries

We do not provide wholesale.  We are a retail entity as our prices reflect.

Payment Methods

  • Credit / Debit Cards


  • Offline Payments

Payment Methods
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